​​​The swipe generation is coming, embrace the future of TV   


At FlySwipe we are all about data and using data science and AI software to create a unique viewer experience for each multiscreen user on your network.  We are masters at dynamic offline data matching that complements any TVE platform and Ad services. We create a higher CPM rate with our platforms and services and share these revenues with you.  

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Television has evolved and your subscribers are expecting more from the multiscreen world.  They have options to view content and engage in new ways with IPTV  and TVE platforms.  FlySwipe has white label platforms to fit your needs which provides new revenues to you. Find out more at FlySwipe Broadcaster and Cable Operator Solutions and Services.     



Maximize your TVE services by targeting your viewers and subscribers using FlySwipe's IPTV platform and services.  

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Are your network services in need of great content at affordable pricing?  Our content team can help provide high quality TV programming for SVOD, VOD, HD and 4K.  Use your content, ours or a mix to create a great TVE line-up.  

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The age of advertising is changing with personalized TV and TVE becoming the new normal for billions of people.  FlySwipe TV advertising for the multiscreen subscribers provides new opportunities for you.  Viewers expect a new engagement with advertising.  FlySwipe is creating these outstanding experiences today.  

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