(4) Prospect Pre-Qualifies

NO setup fees
NO phone charges

NO up front payments *

NO production fees

NO Air Time fees

NO creative fees

NO commitment levels

NO labor charges

​NO call center charges

(3) FlySwipe receives inquiry

(5) You receive the Live call transfer

(6) You close the deal

(2) Prospect makes an inquiry

(1) Ad runs on TV


Inbound marketing is becoming the De Facto standard to prospect for customers. Increasing technology is blocking telemarketing calls. Increased regulation is putting more of a burden on companies to avoid risk of prosecution. As more companies perform internet marketing, the expense to reach a large number of prospects is increasing.  It has become more competitive to get noticed. So how do you get the prospects to call your company?

The answer is FlySwipe's Lead generation service. FlySwipe is tapping into its over 80 million household broadcast audience in the television market. This includes subscribers viewing content over Cable, OTA, Satellite and Streaming markets.

FlySwipe will gather pre-qualified Leads for various industries and "Live Transfer" them to our clients. These are individuals who are on the phone, interested in your products,  and have been pre-screened before passing them onto your sales force. All you have to do is close the deal! 

Here is how it works:

1) We create industry commercials.

2) We air our commercials nationally to over 110 million viewers in over 130 markets, including the top 10.

3) We receive the calls and screen them according to our customers criteria.

4) We transfer the Live Lead to your representative's location 24/7 along with all the collected meta data (Name, Address, Phone, Criteria, etc..).

Here is what you Don't have to do:

1) Spend Money on a production company

2) Pay Actor royalties

3) Pay a production crew

4) Pay lodging, transportation & all involved with production

5) Pay an editor to put together the footage

6) Pay for Air time to broadcast the commercial

7) Pay for a Call Center to screen the calls

Here is what FlySwipe receives:

1) You pay for each Pre-Qualified Lead Transferred.

2) That's it ! 

* Prepayment may be based on credit worthiness or volume of purchases and is subject to change based on payment history

Call or Email Sales at FlySwipe to find out more information

Here are the current industries that will be available:

  • New Home Buyers
  • Annuities
  • Property and Casualty
  • ​Debt Settlement
  • Vacation Destinations (Cruises, Hotels, Resorts, etc..)
  • ​More to come in the future...…..