FlySwipe leads with all things data.  We have pioneered data services and the science for over 15 years.  We help people communicate in new ways, moving the interactive age forward for all.  
FlySwipe uses billions of data points to target relevant content to subscribers.  It is made up of offline and online data sets that are always changing and improving, as they are dynamic by nature. Viewers are engaged and are provided a very targeted and beneficial TVE experience.  We, at FlySwipe, are providing dynamic data services to the multiscreen TVE industry.

Based on the combination of consumer action and offline psychographics, we can target the consumer with highly relevant ads in the future. For example: A consumer redeems a coupon for dog food. We use our offline data matching capabilities to engage the dog owner with other dog food ads.  The consumer will now view relevant ads of value to them as compared to ads for a cat food product they will never purchase.   

The age of personalized TV in now.  The multiscreen and TVE experience is emerging and becoming the norm for millions in the US and around the world.  Big data online and offline services for the TVE industry will play a vital role in the future value of your network.  Your network has value that you can benefit from today.  

FlySwipe provides many levels of dynamic data targeting for your subscriber with new products and services that you may have yet to consider.  The web and Internet Protocol (IP) have changed the world.  It will run on your network; plus it is in your company‚Äôs name.  Maximize your revenue utilizing these opportunities with FlySwipe.

FlySwipe Dynamic Data Services