FlySwipe Content Services

FlySwipe provides content programming for delivery to your traditional network or any TVE IP multiscreen offering.  Our cloud content authentication API and hybrid services will deliver HD content to your subscribers to maximize ad placements and CPM revenues across users and devices. 

Content rights management is built into our content delivery so that you and your subscribers are protected.  We provide the best possible playout and streaming of our content to your subscribers.  
Better content offerings equal better engaged subscribers.  The viewer is engaged with relevant content and targeted advertising.  This extends your subscription services adding revenue to you and value for the subscriber.   

New content offerings provide real value opportunities for your subscribers and your TVE offering.  Be it SVOD, VOD, HD or even 4k, we are ready.  If you need to lower your cost of content channel lineups, we provide an in-depth analysis and provide options for your considerations.  Lower your content costs and improve your profit potential.   

We provide a lower cost of content that is superior in programming and curation than higher and rising mainstream content options.  Through economies of scale, we are able to purchase content at prices lower than your current rates.  That savings is passed on to you.

As multiscreen becomes the norm for viewing TV, FlySwipe’s experts have found that subscribers are open to new types of entertainment not available just a few years ago.  The genre selection is vast, global, and very affordable with the FlySwipe model. 

Do you have content that would show well on your network but is in a different language?  We provide translation, dubbing, and closed captioning services with the right type of programming tailored to your network.