FlySwipe provides solutions and platforms to the multiscreen TV Everywhere (TVE) industry.  We have embraced big data technology and cloud services to maximize your profit potential with your subscribers.

We provide a total white label solution that is designed to maximize the viewer experience and the operator’s revenues and profits.  Your subscribers view media content that is branded in the name of your company.  Your customers don’t realize that the content or advertising is coming from FlySwipe.

Our platforms provide a shared advertising model that creates higher CPM rates and new revenue streams for your existing broadcast, cable, pay TV, and ISP services.  We do this with our vast set of personalized data points that provides a new generation of targeted advertising to the TVE viewers.

When your company embraces the emerging TVE subscriber opportunities with FlySwipe’s integrated dynamic data solutions and platforms, you maximize your network's full potential to create revenue.  FlySwipe’s performs all advertising functions and shares ad revenue with your company.        

Let us show you how.


Broadcasters, Cable and Pay TV Operators