FlySwipe delivers targeted advertising for TV broadcasters, Cable TV and ISPs that are seeking to maximize reach and harvest revenue in the multiscreen TV world.  

It is now possible to target the TV Everywhere (TVE) viewers as has been done on the web for years.  But TVE advertising is even better than web retargeting in many ways.  

Our data modeling and behavioral science services targets more than a zip code or a home.  We can target the device, and in many cases, the TV viewer across devices.

Personalized TV and now Personalized TV advertising is becoming a reality with FlySwipe Ad Placement Platforms and our data modeling software services.

Targeted personalized TV advertising is possible as we have created relevant ads that benefit a viewer’s entertainment experience.  For example: A consumer redeems a coupon for dog food.  We use our offline data matching capabilities to engage the dog owner with other dog food ads.  The consumer will now view relevant ads of value to them as compared to ads for a cat food product they will never purchase.

Need to reach the next generation of TV viewers?  FlySwipe can enable your networks to embrace the future of TV engagement. Better targeting and engagement on the multiscreen equals higher CPM and maximizes your revenues potential.  Since FlySwipe has its own staff to sell ad inventory to national buyers, our ad value is three times the normal CPM rate.  This allows us to share the ad revenue with your company. 

FlySwipe Advertising